Initial Appointment


What to expect at your initial appointment with the dentist.

• Please arrive for your initial appointment at least fifteen minutes prior to fill out all of your new patient questionnaires. (You may access and print the forms from our website to expedite your first visit.)

• Be prepared to answer any or all of your medical and dental history during this initial appointment with the doctor. This will ensure that the doctor has all the information she needs to provide the best possible care for you.

• Please remember to write down all past and current medications.

• Once your insurance and personal information have been entered into our computer system, the dental assistant will call you to the back for review of your medical history and any problems you may be experiencing. She will also take the appropriate x-rays necessary for your visit. You will then be greeted by Dr. Nong to start your comprehensive examination. At the conclusion of your visit, you will be given a treatment estimate of work recommended for you to have completed.

We look forward to meeting with you at your first visit.